Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trying something new.

It has been way too long since I have posted but I have some new things I am trying.

First I have started the Mediteranean Diet which for the most part I love. But I do confess pizza and cookies still call my name way too often. I am also trying to be more active. I am atempting to do P90X again. It is so hard to commit to 60-90 mins of exercise everyday. Today was YogaX and it is so hard. I can only use my wrists for so much time before they really start to kill me. Plus my balance is not that great for some of these crazy moves. I am falling all over the place while trying to do some "warrior" pose. Finally I shut it off. So since I didn't finish my workout I decided to try jogging or marching in place while doing things like folding laundry and doing dishes. I am gonna try doing situps and push ups or squats and lunges while watching TV. Anything just as long as i am moving and burning some extra calories.

My goal remains the same I want to lose 50 lbs. I have lost about 8 so far. I would like to be down to a size 10 by the first part of May for my two boys birthday party. We are having my family over to celebrate (as long as they can make it). But my Grandpa has been worried about my health for a few months now. He even sent a card at Christmas reminding me that what I eat at Christmas will stick with me the rest of the year. Some people are taken aback by it byut me I just laughed and said that is Grandpa. He worries about the health of his family. And he knows the health dangers that accompany extra weight, he was there once. He has been fit as a fiddle for years now and he is a pretty healthy man in his 70's. Needless to say he knows what he is talking about. So it would be nice to have this family gathering and him see that I am trying to take care of myself.

I am excited at the prospect of losing this weight. I like the more active lifestyle that the weightloss brings with it. I love the thought of teaching my family a healthy way of living like I was taught as a child.

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